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Valossa AI April Update Brings State-of-the-Art Face Recognition and Voice Arousal Beta

6 April, 2021

Our latest cloud system update is now live. Users who have active subscription can start enjoying new features immediately by logging in to Valossa Portal and analysing new videos. This release contains following features: More accurate face recognition engine! Over 5000 recognisable celebrities out of the box! A completely new state of the art face […]

Valossa Releases New Emotion Analytics Engine for Faces

Emotion Analytics12 September, 2019

New facial analysis models recognize eight states of expressions from the people in a video, plot trends of positivity and negativity, and add support for a broader set of face positions. OULU, FINLAND – A major upgrade was rolled out today for Valossa™s unique emotional analytics recognition model which produces much more elaborate data of […]

LocalTapiola demonstrated their new health app powered by Valossa AI live face analysis

Photo by LocalTapiola.24 July, 2019

PORI, FINLAND “  LocalTapiola demonstrated a vision-based health feature in SuomiAreena public debate forum on 18th July in Pori, Finland. The application, powered by Valossa AI face analysis engine, measures body mass index (BMI), blood pressure and percentage of fat from facial images taken with a smartphone camera application. The audience reacted with enthusiasm and tens […]

World™s First Live Game Show with an AI Judge – How We Did It

8 July, 2019

Valossa and Finnish public service broadcasting company Yle piloted the world’s first live game show judged by a cognitive artificial intelligence. Live Yle Areena streaming of the event happened on 6 July, at Lammen Loiskeet Festival, Kajaani, Finland. Who has the best poker face? An athlete, entrepreneur, editor-in-chief, astronomer, comedian and an MP of Finnish […]

How Much Sex & Violence Does GoT Actually Contain? We Asked the AI.

game of thrones sex and violence valossa ai20 May, 2019

  If you watched the most popular TV series in the world, you would have noticed that there™s quite a lot of sex, violence and other adult-oriented material in Game of Thrones. But has the amount increased or decreased over the seasons? Now that the series has reached its end, we let the AI analyze […]

Stopping the deadly live propaganda streaming before it becomes a thing.

25 April, 2019

April 3rd, 2019 Lauri Penttilä Valossa Labs Ltd. Helsinki, Finland Recent horrible events in New Zealand have raised the question whether anything can be done to stop the deadly live broadcasts before their impact hits broader audiences on a global scale. The amount of suffering the victims and their families have to endure is amplified […]

Automatic visual content moderation – Reviewing the state-of-the-art vendors in cognitive cloud services to spot unwanted content

ai vendor benchmark21 February, 2019

Inappropriateness in visual media is deeply woven into the human condition – machines need to accommodate for different cultural, legal and social frameworks in order to become better tools for content moderation and safety OULU, FINLAND – Publishers, broadcasters, and online content providers in particular, are struggling to keep up with the sheer amount of […]

Valossa Image Recognition API demo is now live

007 aiming gun image demo7 February, 2019

Valossa™s unparalleled visual recognition capabilities also work with images. OULU, FINLAND “ Using the same visual capabilities as the Video Recognition API, Valossa rolls out a new demo for image recognition. Recent developments on Valossa AI for video moderation has triggered demand to bring the powerful recognition capabilities also for still media, i.e. images. Valossa image […]

Managing Content Overflow with Video Recognition Technology

17 December, 2018

“Human moderators simply can’t keep up with the current content overflow,” says Valossa CEO.   HELSINKI, FINLAND “ We are spoiled with video content. According to Cisco Visual Networking Index, nearly 80% of the IP traffic is already video and the portion is growing 26% annually. It means that if an individual would watch all […]