Managing Content Overflow with Video Recognition Technology

"Human moderators simply can't keep up with the current content overflow," says Valossa CEO.   HELSINKI, FINLAND – We are spoiled with video content. According to Cisco Visual Networking Index, nearly 80% of the IP traffic is already video and the portion is growing 26% annually. It means that if an individual would watch all [...]

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Slush 2018 Feature Preview: Automatic Highlights Concept

Our newest feature preview brings AI-created automatic highlight clips and hero shot images from video content.   HELSINKI, FINLAND – Valossa is returning to Slush this year, and we’re rolling out a new solution! Valossa AI produces rich metadata from video content and media & broadcasting companies can use this to their advantage. Acting as [...]

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Valossa Demonstrates In-Car Intelligence at MobilityXlab for Leading Automotive Industry

Valossa demonstrated its in-car intelligence solution for driver and passenger recognition for next generation driving experiences.   GOTHENBURG, SWEDEN – The automotive industry is only one example of Valossa’s Live AI concept and its appliances, but it may very well be the one that leads the way to the future of mobility. First showcased at [...]

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Introducing Emotional Intelligence – Valossa in Partnership with Helsinki Fashion Week

HELSINKI, FINLAND – Valossa — a Finnish artificial intelligence company and a partner at the fashion week — provided AI-powered video services to enable a new generation of analytics, content management tools and methods for business development. In aid of the Eco Village’s research and reporting purposes, this partnership enabled visitors to utilize a video-based [...]

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