Transcribe Video and Audio with Computer Vision and Speech to Text AI

Valossa Transcribe Pro Vision™ – State of the art multimodal AI tools that caption, translate and index acoustic and visual descriptions with GenAI and AI video tagging.

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Valossa Transcribe


New AI tools to transcribe, caption, translate and summarize speech from video and audio.


Valossa Transcribe

Pro Vision™

Adds advanced AI vision for audiovisual logging of video content.


Valossa Transcribe

Pro Vision MAX™

Adds even more audiovisual AI features. Full content logging and time-coded metadata.


Generate Visual and Speech-to-text Transcripts and Captions Automatically

Use audio-visual AI to generate time-coded speaker diarization, visual video and audio descriptions and full video breakdowns to speed up video production and management workflows.

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Complete Video
Annotation and Logging in One Go

Our advanced tools streamline complex workflows on transcribing and logging. Generate transcripts, captions and visual logs all at once with AI. Adjust, refine and export results in the blink of an eye with user friendly tools.

Translate Videos into Various Languages in a Heartbeat

Use AI to translate transcripts and captions in multiple languages. Review and modify results quickly and you are ready to go!

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AI showing sound and vision descriptions

Enhance your Captions with Descriptions of Sound and Vision

Speech is important, but our enriched descriptions add information from audio and video to increase accessibility and reach for your content. Our AI describes every detail in your audio and visuals.

Export Flexibly to the Leading Video Production Tools

Get your results in a format that suits your needs: Avid TXT, WebVTT, Adobe XML, SRT, and more. Sync timecodes with original video start-time offset.

flexible exporting
valossa ad scout product being displayed on a laptop

Automated Understanding of Context and Topics

Valossa AI uses large models to identify audio-visual topics, names, keywords and concepts. It summarizes video content and creates full video breakdowns. It also indexes your videos for powerful searching.

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