Identify Sensitive Video Scenes for Content Moderation and Brand Safety

Introducing Valossa Moderator™ – AI for sensitive content moderation. Gain deep content insights to identify inappropriate and harmful content. Protect your viewers and advertisers with GARM framework. 

Industry Leading Taxonomy for Sensitive Content Taxonomy

Valossa AI sees and hears what’s inside videos to detect explicit content, revealing, violence, injuries and threats, accidents and disasters, substance use, guns and weapons. It also understands spoken bad language, as well as sensitive content topics like social issues, crime, death, hateful language and more.

Nuanced Insight into Sensitive Audiovisual Content

Provides comprehensive two-tiered analysis of your content within sensitive categories on sensual, sexual, violence, violent outcomes, substance use, accidents and disasters, and bad language. Valossa offers a cognitive service that recognizes nuanced variations between the extreme and milder forms of content.

Integrate and Moderate
Videos at Scale

Integrate deep analysis for sensitive content in your applications through extensive and elaborate Valossa Metadata containing all relevant analysis descriptions.

Allow moderation teams to scale effectively when working with sensitive content across video platforms. Valossa Reports provide interactive compliance report summaries for instant inspection of results. Teams become more productive reducing review completion times over linear watching.

ai showing how its detecting sensitive content
valossa ad scout product being displayed on a laptop

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