About Valossa

Valossa provides unparalleled video recognition and content intelligence technology to capture new value of growing video volumes.

Valossa AI is a world-leading technology platform that enables a completely new generation of analytics and content profiling tools bringing forward new ways of monetizing video safely.

Valossa is creating state-of-the-art AI that understands video like a human does.

A brief history

Founded in 2015 by world-leading experts (PhDs and MScs) in computer vision, machine learning, audio-visual intelligence and video information retrieval. Company originates from one of Europe’s leading computer science and AI labs at the University of Oulu in Finland.

Since the founding, Valossa has become an acknowledged pioneer with cutting edge cognitive media solutions. Company’s team has over 70 years of combined R&D experience for building novel video intelligence systems.

Mika Rautiainen ceo of valossa

Founders with expertise

Mika Rautiainen, Ph.D., is the founder and Chief Executive Officer of Valossa Labs. Mika has deep experience in computer vision and artificial intelligence (AI) for media content recognition and understanding and his research team’s innovations have been integrated into Valossa’s content analysis engine, as well as the company’s emotion and expression recognition engine.

Mika was previously a senior research fellow at the University of Oulu, in northern Finland, which has one of the world’s most prestigious computer vision labs. He has worked as a researcher with the University of Oulu in various positions for the past 20 years. Mika has also worked as a researcher at the University of Maryland and at NEC’s C&C Central Research Labs, in Japan.