Clip Video Highlights and Promos Automatically

Introducing Valossa Auto Preview™ – Immerse your audiences with AI generated video previews and highlight clips.

Immerse your users with dynamic content highlights

Online video consumption has changed. Viewers expect short dynamic teasers and previews to select their preferred content. AI can automate this process for you.

Reel showing different popular tv shows

Automate promo video editing without human labor

Instruct your preferred length, spoiler avoidance, clipping styles, inclusion or exclusion of people, emotions, sensitive content and more.

Valossa Auto Preview™ starts creating multiple preview videos at scale from your ingested content library.

Generate Diverse Clips Instantly with Creative AI

Valossa Auto Preview™ creates several preview video clips at once. Obtain action, emotion, dialogue highlights or apply custom style instructions. Receive EDL files to refine edits.

Automate Dynamic Video Campaigns Cost Effectively

Valossa Auto Preview™ can create clips directly to your video storage or used manually via Valossa Portal. Online tools lets you configure AI features, search and inspect outputs of Autopreview™ and download result files. Generate videos continuously for VOD and FAST streaming.

Obtain Deep Metadata from Audiovisual Context

In addition to auto-clipped videos, obtain detailed scene-level metadata for content insights. Online video tools help with content analytics. Download video metadata as part of Auto Preview™ subscription.

Benefits of Valossa Auto Preview™

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Easy Access to Video AI

Integrate cloud API promo engine to your systems or use Valossa Portal.

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Rich Audio-Visual Analysis

Valossa AI detects thousands of audiovisual concepts to understand video content and generate teaser clips.

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Avoid Sensitive Content

The industry’s largest taxonomy to assess content safety will make clips safe to watch.

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Emotional and Key Event Highlight

AI identifies audio-visual mood and sentiment highlights and finds wide range of important moments.

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Superfast Speed and Generating

Generate several output clips after single scan and clip promotional videos at scale.

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Ready-Made Clips

Obtain ready-made video clips with corresponding EDLs to enable further editing.

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