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Valossa TranscribeTM


Advanced AI tools for transcribing, captioning and translating spoken text in video and audio

Pro Vision

Contains features from Transcribe Pro plus automatic logging of video scene content with vision AI

Pro Vision MAX

Contains features from Transcribe Pro Vision plus advanced audiovisual scene understanding


Valossa Ad ScoutTM

Extract brand-safe video ad spots with audio-visual advertising AI


Valossa Auto PreviewTM

Extract smart video highlights and promos with clipping automation AI

Metadata and systems

Valossa Contextual VideoTM

Extract deep, time-coded video metadata and insights with our video analysis API and tools.

Compliance and Moderation

Valossa ModeratorTM

Detect sensitive content, including explicit audio and video

Emotion and Behavior

Valossa MoodsTM

Detect and analyse emotions and sentiment in audio, speech and visuals

Valossa AI - Software for Online, API and On Premises

On-premises video analysis software brings video AI near you

  • Valossa AI can also be consumed as a dockerized software ​
  • Valossa specialists can also customize the local software with features that suite your needs​
  • Flexible licensing options available​

Valossa Portal - AI tools for
end-user productivity and discovery

  • Valossa Reports lets you inspect deep video insights
  • Valossa Search enables powerful natural language searching of video scenes​
  • Valossa Transcribe Editor lets you refine AI generated transcripts, captions, translations and content logs

Valossa API and time-coded metadata for online systems integration

  • Valossa API lets you execute video intelligence in the cloud​
  • Valossa Metadata delivers full, well-documented results of AI analysis to your applications ​
  • Valossa Transcribe Editor lets you refine AI generated transcripts, captions, translations and content logs​

Convert metadata into human-readable output and CSV files

  • We provide open source tools that assist with parsing the Valossa Metadata​
  • Tool lets you extract information and insights in a readable format​
  • Obtain time-code lists of detections, and full breakdowns of your video contents with ease​