Valossa Demonstrates In-Car Intelligence at MobilityXlab for Leading Automotive Industry

Valossa demonstrated its in-car intelligence solution for driver and passenger recognition for next generation driving experiences.

GOTHENBURG, SWEDEN “ The automotive industry is only one example of Valossa’s Live AI concept and its appliances, but it may very well be the one that leads the way to the future of mobility.

First showcased at MobilityXlab in October, Valossa demonstrated an in-car intelligence for high-ranking automotive industry representatives. MobilityXlab is known to be an unconventional collaboration platform where startups with bold ideas are connected to partner companies within the automotive and connectivity fields.

In order to make cars smarter on the passenger’s condition, and traveling more enjoyable, Valossa’s Live AI recognition models can be used to monitor driver & passenger behavior, sentiments and direction of attention. AI-assisted human analysis can detect changes such as driver distractions, fatigue and even states of high emotion, even road rage. It can also be used to personalize the commuting experience by adjusting music playlists based on the passenger configurations.

The AI recognizes people and gathers real-time biometric data from the driver’s face, such as pose changes and changes of emotional states from facial expressions.

Besides measuring passenger condition, driver identification intuitively enables personalized driving experiences, such as seat adjustments, entertainment, navigation history, A/C preferences and other functions that are integrated into the car user interface.

Lauri Penttilä
Marketing & Communications Manager

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