Letting viewers to C More – How a Nordic Streaming Service uses Autopreview

C More webpage with Autopreview

HELSINKI & OULU, FINLAND “ There is a full arms race for more dynamic and engaging video service experiences. C More Finland adopted state of the art video AI to serve their users better and make their content attractive to audiences at a glance. C More, a premium video content service from Finnish MTV Oy, […]

Valossa AI Powers Video Discovery Features for Media Pocket “A Multi-Cloud Digital Asset Management Platform”

Media Pocket and Valossa logos

Finnish high-tech at its best: Media Tailor released new cutting-edge Artificial Intelligence features for their DAM system powered by advanced video analysis from Valossa. Helsinki, Finland “ 25th May 2020 Media Pocket is a smart digital asset management (DAM) platform, developed since 2018 and released in 2019. The developer, Media Tailor, is a local innovative media-tech company […]

LocalTapiola demonstrated their new health app powered by Valossa AI live face analysis

Photo by LocalTapiola.

PORI, FINLAND “  LocalTapiola demonstrated a vision-based health feature in SuomiAreena public debate forum on 18th July in Pori, Finland. The application, powered by Valossa AI face analysis engine, measures body mass index (BMI), blood pressure and percentage of fat from facial images taken with a smartphone camera application. The audience reacted with enthusiasm and tens […]

World’s First Live Game Show with an AI Judge – How We Did It

Valossa and Finnish public service broadcasting company Yle piloted the world’s first live game show judged by a cognitive artificial intelligence. Live Yle Areena streaming of the event happened on 6 July, at Lammen Loiskeet Festival, Kajaani, Finland. Who has the best poker face? An athlete, entrepreneur, editor-in-chief, astronomer, comedian and an MP of Finnish […]

Valossa Demonstrates In-Car Intelligence at MobilityXlab for Leading Automotive Industry

Valossa demonstrated its in-car intelligence solution for driver and passenger recognition for next generation driving experiences.   GOTHENBURG, SWEDEN “ The automotive industry is only one example of Valossa’s Live AI concept and its appliances, but it may very well be the one that leads the way to the future of mobility. First showcased at […]

Introducing Emotional Intelligence “ Valossa in Partnership with Helsinki Fashion Week

HELSINKI, FINLAND “ Valossa ” a Finnish artificial intelligence company and a partner at the fashion week ” provided AI-powered video services to enable a new generation of analytics, content management tools and methods for business development. In aid of the Eco Village’s research and reporting purposes, this partnership enabled visitors to utilize a video-based […]