Introducing the Valossa Video Insight Tools Preview Program

The video recognition service is reaching a new level of performance as we upgrade our online portal with new Video Insight Tools. The tools consist of solutions that make use of Valossa AI video recognition engine. They have been designed to help you explore, discover and utilize the extracted deep video content data in an easy way.

The intelligent video understanding engine remains at the core of the service but we are boosting the usability with features like scene-level searching, video overviews, reports, and custom training. This post helps you find out the essentials of this major upgrade.

A set of surgical knives for video intelligence

When developing the recognition platform, our first goal was to deliver the most comprehensive video understanding AI to this day. And now as the Valossa AI detects and identifies not only people and visual concepts but also speech and sounds, we are confident to evolve the entire service platform with tools most requested by our customers. Thus, we’ve built the Video Insight Tools to answer the needs of people that are working with digital video, in order to make use of all that valuable content data. Additionally, we see that Video Insight Tools lead the way for various other applications that can make use of Valossa’s video understanding AI.

So, in essence we are on the road to build a metaphorical set of surgical knives for day-to-day specialized needs of the video industry. We believe this is the direction the industry desires from the AI. Too many recognition products are built towards a set of all-purpose bread knives that are helpful but not delivering solutions that manage the accelerating transformation of the video industry. We are here to change that.

What’s changing?

Thanks to the helpful online portal user feedback, the Video Insight Tools Preview program now introduces highly requested search functionalities and a way to tag and train the AI. The content understanding AI is also enhanced with novel tools that facilitate scene-level video search and insightful reports that unveil what’s truly relevant inside your video library.


It is now possible to search within your videos. The AI goes through your video files and indexes every recognized person, object, scene and audio sound. Simply describe what you’re looking for and the search engine will quickly find the best matching clips from your videos. This will save you time when you’re looking for specific concepts within your content. For example video editors can discover the exact scene from masses of footage by searching: “Audrey & Cary in a car”. (Try this yourself in the online portal!)


Reports help you examine the details and find what’s important in your videos. Overviews summarize which recognition categories are dominating in the video and what are the most relevant names appearing in the audio and visual track. The heatmap view visualizes everything that the AI has detected from the content.

Tag & Train

Tag & Train tool enables you to tailor the AI to meet your specific recognition requirements. You can give feedback to the AI and create customized face galleries quickly and easily. Simply name the detected unknown people and add them to the AI training process. The feature begins with tagging enabled and evolves towards training features during the program

Video Upload

We’ve spent time to develop a more streamlined video upload feature, which will save you heaps of time. With the Analyze tool you can quickly drag-and-drop videos for recognition or upload files directly from your computer.

Simple Pricing

In time for this update, we have simplified the service pricing. We’ve enabled a new pay-as-you-go payment model, where you are billed only for the usage of the recognition engine in the online portal or through the API. Check out also our new recognition pricing!

How can I start using Video Insight Tools?

The online Valossa Portal is your gateway to start using the recognition engine and the new tools. After registering as a new user, or logging in with your old account, you’ll receive plenty of free analysis quota so you can start testing the service right away. Developers don’t need to worry either, as the new features are also available through APIs that can be integrated to existing systems.

What’s next?

We promise that the tools keeps on maturing and we’ll review user feedback weekly to inform the development roadmap. By joining the Video Insight Tools Preview program, you have the power to influence the upcoming features.

The Video Insight Tools Preview is available free of charge until the 28th of February, 2018. You are warmly invited to join the Preview and access to the world’s most comprehensive video recognition engine and tools that help you make sense of your data through the power of AI.

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