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Cloud or on-prem, analyze videos and download metadata with the video recognition API.

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Analyze with Valossa Recognition™

The video understanding AI is available as a cloud-based video recognition API that can effectively highlight and interpret concepts from any video stream. It creates scene level, time-coded metadata, providing all the needed content data through a single ingest point.

Product plans for API & Platform

How recognition works

Key advantages:

Custom Services for Businesses

Custom training

Valossa provides custom model training for specific audiovisual tags. Ask quotes for new video categories, face identities, facial expressions, and audiovisual concepts.

Custom training for video recognition
Real-time analysis for live video streams

Real-time video recognition

Interested in live recognition of people, demographic information, and visual concepts from video streams? Contact us for a demonstration.

Integration & on-premise licensing

Get support for integration and on-premise deployment. Contact us for more information regarding customized recognition capabilities, Video Insight Tools and languages.

Technical support for businesses

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