Content Moderation for video and images.
All encompassing Content Moderation AI.

Detect themes, such as explicit nudity, sex, violence, accidents, substance use, bad language, and other compliance-related visual objects and sounds.

Empower and protect your compliance and moderation teams.

Monitor video to notify your team on inappropriate concepts. Our high peformance AI allows you to automate workflows in order to reduce your team’s exposure to distressing content and reduce repetition in the review process.

Video Moderation at scale.

AI-led content moderation enables moderation and compliance teams to instantly screen mass volumes of content; learning, categorizing and flagging explicit content whilst reducing review and completion times. Reduce your team’s exposure to distressing content by up to 95% and scale your moderation.

Protect your brand and team with Valossa Video Moderation AI.

Flexible Integration and Reporting.

Valossa Reports provide interactive compliance summaries for instant inspection of results. Obtain scene-level metadata including compliance detections.

Easily add AI-powers to your content management capabilities with flexible APIs. 

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