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Live Face Analysis Toolkit

6 September, 2019

Live Face Analysis Toolkit Live face analysis toolkit detects expressions and face positions and orientations, and enables a reactive avatar (mascot, animal etc.) Next generation AI-powered and machine learning based applications for entertainment, expos, advertising, education etc.

Turnkey Machine Learning Services

1 September, 2019

Turnkey Machine Learning Services Bootstrap new cognitive capabilities with Valossa AI. Customized builds for object detection, tracking and indexing for smart video applications. Customer-specific recognition models are available, so the AI will recognize exactly the concepts relevant to you. Detect and track people, vehicles and machinery for mointoring. Recognize models, characteristics and behaviour for analytics.

Human Analytics For Retail

1 September, 2019

Human Analytics for Retail Valossa Live AI can track customer behavior in retail environments to determine which sections and items are most eye-catching. Customer emotions can be detected and analyzed for feedback purposes from faces.

Facial Recognition & Emotion Analysis

1 September, 2019

Facial Recognition & Emotion Analysis Valossa AI is able to recognize sentiments and emotions from facial expressions and speech, either from recorded video content or live feed. Facial recognition picks out different individuals from video and creates a sentiment profile for each one. The user is able create their own face gallery or use an […]