AI-led Contextual Advertising for Safe Monetization

Delivering the right content to the right audience.

The rise of privacy regulations has created a gap for advertisers, how best to deliver engaging content to users when cookies and personal info can no longer be used? Valossa AI helps facilitate contextual advertising by matching page content with relevant ads, delivering a seamless experience for users.

Contextual advertising with AI.

Valossa AI uses several taxonomies for video categorization at the document and time segment level. Categorize content assets, match content with appropriate advertising campaigns, and analyse the effectiveness and impact of content semantics with viewer reactions.

Trained on the latest IAB Technology Laboratory (Tech Lab) content taxonomy, Valossa AI can contextualize your inventory with the recognized standards in the industry.

Ensure your budget is serving content with the right advertisements.

Safeguarding your brand.

Brand safety measures are crucial to ensuring your brand only appears on the right platforms, with the appropriate content and suitable audience.

Negative and inappropriate content association leads to wasted advertising budgets and can cause long term damage to your brand. Growing awareness and regulation around user privacy concerns makes contextual targeting a top priority for advertisers.

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