Valossa AI Powers Video Discovery Features for Media Pocket “A Multi-Cloud Digital Asset Management Platform”

Finnish high-tech at its best: Media Tailor released new cutting-edge Artificial Intelligence features for their DAM system powered by advanced video analysis from Valossa.

Helsinki, Finland “ 25th May 2020

Media Pocket is a smart digital asset management (DAM) platform, developed since 2018 and released in 2019. The developer, Media Tailor, is a local innovative media-tech company that also operates Finland’s leading media house Sanoma’s linear TV channels and Video On Demand. Media Pocket is a fully cloud-based platform, with a vision to make digital asset management as effective and powerful as it should be.

Valossa is a world-leading Finnish technology platform that enables a completely new generation of analytics and content profiling tools bringing forward new ways of monetizing video. Valossa has built an AI that understands what’s in the video content and provides data and highlights for actionable insight. The roots of Valossa are deeply founded in Europe’s leading computer science and AI labs at the University of Oulu in Finland.

Markus Paul “ CEO “ Media Tailor: Our vision is to make our customers’ media flow as efficient as possible. Our role is to bring innovative features and new ways of working through our services. The use of machine learning and artificial intelligence is a part of the strategy and target for many companies nowadays. Deploying AI and reaping the added value is now easy and fast, thanks to Media Pocket.

Media Pocket is backed by multi-cloud architecture, high security and integrity “ as well as many years worth of media industry knowledge. The key features of Media Pocket include:

  • Fast, intuitive & simple yet scalable UI.
  • Extremely powerful search function, based on Elasticsearch.
  • Image and video analysis with AI, including topic labeling, audio contexts, speech recognition and much more.
  • Classification based on tags for semantic cross-referencing.
  • Enterprise-level transfer speeds.

Demonstration of the AI features

Media Tailor “ the company behind Media Pocket “ has built its vision on long-lasting strategic partnerships with its customers and creating seamless workflows in order to provide the best solution for the whole media content supply chain.

There are a lot of opportunities for further development and full utilisation of Valossa’s video AI features, such as the creation of auto previews based on user preferences, sports event recognition and emotional analysis. Media Pocket is already proving itself as a feature-rich powerhouse, being able to transfer and manage near-terabyte size single media files via Aspera and SCP transfers “ all in the cloud. It does not matter where you are physically, whether it’s on a boat, in the woods, in the office or at home. As long as the files are in Media Pocket, your entire team can collaborate together.

Patrik Björkenheim “ Head of Operations “ Media Tailor: Everybody is talking about AI, but the fact that I get to work with applied solutions is what gets me out of bed every morning. We have put so much work into this and in the future I want to maximize the full utilisation of Media Pocket by bringing in all of Valossa’s AI. We already have an awesome DAM, and I want it to be the best.

Mika Rautiainen “ CEO “ Valossa: Media Tailor has built a product with market-leading innovations to improve efficiency in day to day media production workflows using state-of-the-art video artificial intelligence. If you are looking for novel innovation and AI to boost your business processes, you should consider Media Pocket.

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More information:

Markus Paul, CEO “ Media Tailor

Patrik Björkenheim, Head of Operations “ Media Tailor

Mika Rautiainen, CEO “ Valossa

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