AI that understands video

Valossa AI™ understands what’s inside your video content. It gives you metadata that enables more intelligent analytics, content management tools and methods of monetizing video.


Get the complete analysis in one place

Extract all the needed content information through a single API. Instead of simple tagging of visual content, Valossa AI extracts and analyzes information from multiple information pipelines. This creates comprehensive interpretation of key elements in the video.

Save time when you need metadata

Valossa AI takes the pain away from manual annotation tasks, as it automatically highlights and interprets concepts from any video stream and creates descriptive metadata.

Adaptable to your needs

When you need something recognized for your specific application, Valossa AI can be adapted to understand the set of concepts that are most relevant to your business.

Valossa AI combines every possible data source: people, audiovisual context, speech and emotion to create the most comprehensive understanding of video to this day – going beyond the capabilities of traditional visual recognition systems.

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