AI Video Analysis - Transcribe, Index and Repurpose Content. Accelerate Video Productivity

Leverage multimodal AI for video, image, and audio recognition, speech-to-text, computer vision and video emotion analysis. Obtain content analysis at scale to automate video workflows.

New!  Transcribe speech and visual descriptions with easy to use AI tools.
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Valossa Portal™ Use Cases

Powered by Valossa AI™ that understands video like a human does. 
Products for advanced video automation.

Automate Transcripts, Captions and Translations

Create and translate audio-visual transcripts and captions. 
Obtain full video breakdowns and summaries with the help of AI.

Brand-Safe Video Advertising

Categorize your video scenes with IAB Content Taxonomy and GARM categories to find safe contextual spots for ads in your videos.

Clip Promo Videos Automatically

AI clips attractive teasers and promotional videos automatically from your content using customizable rules.

Identify Sensitive Content

Scan your videos for any indication of sensual or sexual content, violence, accidents, disasters, drugs, bad language, or underage persons.

Analyze Video Moods

Analyze moods and sentiment through deep emotion analysis of people, voice and speech.

Customized AI Solutions

Customized AI recognition features built for you as a service. Customization brings tailored automation that meets your use case requirements. 

AI Video Tagging, Logging and Transcripts - All Here

Unstructured video and audio work is time consuming. Produce, search, inspect, recommend, repurpose and manage your assets faster and easier with AI

image shows a room filled with old video equipment. in the center, there's a screen showing a software that transcribes video content.
Picture showing automated work

Valossa Portal - Tools to Automate Video Work.

Explore content with AI. Inspect results and search within videos. Transcribe and log audio-visual content. Extract highlights and breakdowns, ad opportunities and more. Identify cast members.

Multimodal AI That Understands Video Completely Like a Human.

Our powerful video AI recognizes speech, keywords, IAB topics, celebrities, multimodal tags, on-screen text, emotions, sentiment and sensitive content in a single pass.

Selected Customer Cases

Cineverse is using Valossa for its flagship streaming service. AI generates video previews automatically to create dynamic experiences for online users. Wide library of indie content benefits greatly from intelligent video previews to deliver attractive content experiences.

MTV Finland

MTV Finland has used Valossa AI over the years to deliver great user experiences for MTV’s growing user base with free advertising supported streaming TV. MTV has improved user engagement through automatic video highlights and contextual video discovery.

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Why Valossa?

Founded in 2015 by world-leading experts (PhDs and MScs) in computer vision, machine learning, audio-visual intelligence and video information retrieval, Valossa is creating state-of-the-art AI that understands video like a human does.

Valossa is an acknowledged pioneer with cutting edge cognitive media solutions. Our team has nearly 100 years of combined R&D experience for building novel video intelligence systems.

frequently asked questions

With Valossa AI, you can automate transcripts, captions, visual descriptions, translations, highlights, clips, metadata generation, content analytics, and video search. We analyze your videos to unlock valuable insights.

Absolutely! We offer both an API for seamless integration and a user-friendly Valossa Portal for manual use and easy inspection of analysis results.

Our analysis speed is impressive, often less than half the video playback time. Scalability is excellent and continuously improving to handle even larger video volumes.

We deliver industry-leading accuracy. While nothing is perfect, our AI results are highly accurate, allowing you to find the perfect balance between AI accuracy and human labor costs.

Your security is our priority. Credit card details are securely stored by an external payment service provider, not on our servers. An invoicing option is also available, for large-volume customers.

Valossa Transcribe is our leading product that allows you to automate transcripts, captions, visual descriptions, and translations. Easily fine-tune your results using our user-friendly online tools in Valossa Portal.

Yes! You can train your own face gallery using both our API and graphical user interface.

Yes! We offer a specific product, Valossa Ad Scout, for advertisement placement in your videos. Another product, Valossa Autopreview, automatically clips your videos into promotional short videos, which are excellent for driving up monetization.

Yes, on-premises setups are available. Initial costs and IPR protection precautions may vary case by case.

Our expert team is available for custom AI solutions tailored to your needs, ensuring the perfect fit for your project.

Awards and Testimonies

Cognitive Media Market

Cognitive Media Market Research Report 2021

“Valossa has been recognized as a key player in the recently published Cognitive Media Market reports.”

EIT Digital

EIT Digital Challenge 2018

Valossa was selected as one of the scaleup finalists of the EIT Digital Challenge, which aims to identify the best digital deep tech innovations.


Cool Vendors in Unified Workspaces

“As users create and consume more audio/video content, Valossa brings object identification and classification, sentiment analysis, and voice recognition to enterprise video content.”

Goldman Sachs

Global Investment Research: Profiles in Innovation – AI, Machine Learning and Data Fuel the Future of Productivity

Valossa is ranked by Goldman Sachs as “AI company to watch in 2017”, among Google, Microsoft, Facebook, Amazon & Clarifai. Valossa provides multimodal AI (video, images, voice, text, etc.) to address broad content analysis use cases.

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