Letting viewers to C More – How a Nordic Streaming Service uses Autopreview

HELSINKI & OULU, FINLAND “ There is a full arms race for more dynamic and engaging video service experiences. C More Finland adopted state of the art video AI to serve their users better and make their content attractive to audiences at a glance.

C More, a premium video content service from Finnish MTV Oy, has been rolling out the new preview video functionality over the spring of 2020. C More decided early that their customers benefit from being able to have a brief teaser of the movies and episodes while browsing the content library. With the help of Valossa Autopreview they found a rapid and automated way to add video promotions to the platform. The short video clips are helping customers to get excited about and choose content they plan to watch next. Instead of having just a static promotional image and a brief description about the content, the service is now showing 30 second promo videos bringing unique liveness into the service. The trailers are presented in the background in silent mode which is a non-intrusive way to promote content to the user.

Below: A video demonstration of Autopreview at C More service

Valossa Autopreview is a video AI tool that creates automatic teasers and previews from videos by looking into content and deciding what would be important to promote from the content, whether it is romance, action, exciting actor scenes, or unique events, like explosions.

There are several benefits C More gains by using automation in video promotions. With Autopreview we enrich the consumer experience in the service and help people get excited about new content. In today’s world, people expect more from the on-demand service to help them discover the right content, and we want to help them make good viewing choices, said Merja Multas, MTV Digital Services.

Autopreview also helps marketing teams by speeding up the short clip production. This helps promoting media content during campaigns. With the increase of online content viewing, videos are being marketed across multiple media platforms, not the least in social media. This increases the pressure to engage with new tools that help manage increasing marketing workloads. For marketers, Autopreview helps reduce the load on repeated tasks and increase creative efficiency.

The preview videos are created with complete automation by the state-of-the-art video artificial intelligence techniques running under the hood of Valossa Autopreview. Autopreview fetches new content independently, analyzes it, and creates preview videos that are based on judgements from AI and human created guidelines. AI ensures that spoilers and inappropriate material are not included in preview videos. Promotional videos are then published in the C More service.

Valossa Autopreview product has enabled us to ramp up the number of preview videos quickly in our service, said Merja Multas. We believe good quality preview videos will persuade people to view more content and thus increase loyalty towards our service.

We have been delighted to work with one of the most innovative media companies in Europe, said Mika Rautiainen, CEO, Valossa. Collaboration with MTV has enhanced our product significantly and we are currently ready to scale the product to customers across the world.


MTV Oy (Owned by Telia Company AB) is a Finnish media company with its roots firmly in television’s early days in 1950s Finland. MTV’s premium content service is called C More. Paid content can be watched through the service, which focuses on films and series.

Valossa Labs Oy provides unparalleled video recognition and content intelligence capabilities to capture new value of video. Valossa AI is a world-leading technology platform that enables a completely new generation of analytics and content profiling tools bringing forward new ways of monetizing video.

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