Slush 2018 Feature Preview: Video Highlights Concept

Our newest feature preview brings AI-created automatic highlight clips and hero shot images from video content.


HELSINKI, FINLAND “ Valossa is returning to Slush this year, and we’re rolling out a new solution!

Valossa AI produces rich metadata from video content and media & broadcasting companies can use this to their advantage. Acting as a personal assistant, the AI can identify key moments and events within the content, and compile those to match the user defined parameters. It can then automatically generate a highlight reel or a preview video of the desired concepts, as well as extract hero shot images for promotional purposes.

Make sure to visit Valossa Demo booth C.21 on Wednesday to see the actual AI-generated previews, and meet us at the Showcase Studio as well! Valossa showtime is at Tuesday 4th, 05:15 pm.


Mika Rautiainen

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