Get the Power of Video AI in Your Content Workflow

The content supply chain is complex and non-linear. Which is why content creators, distributors and platforms need technology that can adapt at scale.

With Valossa’s customizable video AI, you can build a content identification workflow that meets your business needs. Whether it is automating content recognition to detect nudity, strong language and NSFW content or searching your extensive video archive to retrieve content for re-purposing, Valossa has you covered.

With its integration to Accurate Player’s HTML5 QC/QA player, you can streamline the post-production workflow by seeking to specific content right down to the time-code. The purpose is to save your time and money by automating manual search and retrieval processes. 

The AI and player can be customized to work exclusively for your organization’s workflow and compliance requirements. The combined solution can be refined to meet an internal compliance guideline or regulatory compliance guidelines implemented by industry bodies like FCC and AMSD. 

The solution includes the following features:

  • Train, build and run workflow defined content recognition profiles
  • Create custom content recognition tracks in the Accurate Player timeline with colour coding
  • Seek specific time-codes identified by the video AI and add comments to conform content
  • Build analyze profiles in the ingest stage to build rich metadata based on concepts such as face identities, and objects, audio and speech, explicit content, scene detection and sentiment analysis
  • Supports on-premise installations to keep your content secure

Valossa will be showcasing the combined offering during CES 2018 on January 9-12, 2018. Contact us to discuss how Valossa & Accurate Player can do the heavy lifting and help make your workflow more efficient.

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