We’re looking for an Artificial Intelligence Specialist

Location: Oulu

As our AI specialist, you will extend and improve the capabilities of our AI systems
for various machine learning, pattern recognition and intelligence tasks. You know how to apply the latest machine learning techniques, supervised learning, clustering, reinforcement learning and others, to solve real-world inference challenges in multi-modal video analysis. You will work in assignments that serve the needs of multinational corporations, enterprises and other organizations that depend on video data intelligence in their operations.

Keywords include deep neural networks, machine learning, computer vision, cognitive systems, big data, GPU-based computing, face analytics, signal processing and natural language processing. Naturally, it is also a plus to be an expert on other state-of-the-art methodology that is not covered by the keywords.


To apply for this job, please send your free-form application and CV to: jobs@valossa.com

If you have any questions about the job, please contact Karita Kasurinen (+358407478963)


About Valossa

Valossa is a Finland-based high technology company that is creating world leading products for AI-based audiovisual content recognition, intelligence and search.

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