Valossa AI™ Solutions

Valossa AI™ Solutions provide unparalleled video intelligence capabilities to capture new value of your videos. Get a complete, multimodal understanding what is inside your content, and tools to manage video data with a simple, single service. Sign up to Valossa AI Portal, which is your gateway to everything that is needed to get started.

Valossa Core API

The video AI is available as a cloud-based API that can effectively highlight and interpret concepts from any video stream. It creates scene level, time-coded metadata, providing all the needed content data through a single API:

  • People
  • Audiovisual context
  • Spoken topics
  • IAB Categories
  • Explicit content

Valossa Tools

Valossa Tools allow you to create video analysis jobs in the cloud-based service and investigate the detected content intelligence results in a visual heatmap. No programming needed.

All solutions are available on the free Valossa AI Portal

Custom training

Valossa AI has the flexibility to train customer-specific models for unique search and recognition problems. Tell us what is important to your business. We make sure the AI detects what needs to be detected.

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