Real-time Face Analysis Toolkit.

Create immersive, emotional apps with AI.

Live camera AI for interactive applications.

Create dynamic experiences based on real-time perception of faces and emotions. Valossa Face Analysis Toolkit helps developers to create applications that react to people and their moods.

Privacy preserving real-time analysis.

The benefit of cognitive AI at the edge is the preservation of data privacy. AI can learn to recognize individuals and interpret their expressions without sending any personally identifiable data out of the device.

Reactive and emotional applications.

The future is emotionally intelligent AI. With Face Analysis Toolkit bring virtual avatars into life, and make them emotionally engaging. Or create next generation driving experiences with personalized user interfaces and improved driver safety. See our demonstration video of calm driving concept (in collaboration with Bittium).

Key Capabilities of Valossa Real Time Face Analysis Toolkit.

Facial Behavior Analytics

Recognizes and collects facial expressions such as smiling, sadness, disgust, surprise, anger, etc.

Human Spatial Analysis

Follows human positions for interactive applications, such as driver recognition or interactive avatars.

Object Recognition

Detects and recognizes objects in a scene and tracks human interactions.

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