Introducing Contextual Video Metadata.

Discover, Understand, Action.

Delivering full audiovisual cognitive analysis for content metadata including recognition of video topics, celebrities, video tags, inappropriate and harmful content, styles, color, speech and keywords.

Unleash your videos with context analysis.

Valossa enables contextual understanding of video semantics with AI. Understanding the context like a human is not trivial as computers need to understand the versatile cues from visuals and audio together to infer a meaning from spoken topics.

Video categories deliver actionable insights.

From the thousands of concepts trained for recognition, Valossa AI infers over 500 IAB Tech Lab topics and over 60 proprietary content categories! Categories summarize content for targeted advertising and other tasks that require gaining actionable insight over a collection of video content. This ensures the right advertisements are paired with the right type of content.

Manage and discover.

Content AI Metadata enriches the assets within your library with scene-level descriptive data that brings searching, profiling, keywording, subtitling and reuse of assets to the next generation. Time-coded metadata gives you a rich source of analysis to integrate into your applications.

Deep understanding with inspection tools.

Allow teams to instantly garner deep understanding of video as Valossa AI recognizes everything from logos, branding and tones to individual facial expressions, and provides time-coded data when emotions change.

AI-led moderation analysis.

Provide comprehensive analysis of your content within sensitive categories on violence, sexual, substance abuse, bad language and much more. Valossa offers a two tiered cognitive service that recognizes nuanced variations between extreme and milder forms of content.

Valossa AI the broadest context engine on the market.

Video Topics and Categories

The context of video is determined in the audiovisual narrative. AI extracts both visual and spoken topics for video documents.

Inappropriate Content Tags

Flag video scenes for sex and nudity, violence and guns, injuries, accidents, drugs, bad language and more.

Emotion and Sentiments

Analyze trends of emotion. Valossa AI recognizes individual face expressions and provides time-coded data when emotions change.

Face Recognition

Detect and recognize your preferred people. Valossa AI extracts time codes for people appearing in videos individually and in groups.

Speech Analysis

Obtain time-coded speech transcript files (SRT, WebVTT) as well as important keywords, names and brands with time points of appearance.

Visual Tags

Tag video scenes for thousands of concepts in over 50 different categories. Obtain time-based metadata and profile videos based on shown entities.

Audio Tags

Tag video scenes for hundreds of different sounds from gun shots to musical instruments.

Video Structure and On Screen Text

Extract shot boundaries, black frames, text inside videos, camera shooting styles and more.

Custom Recognition Models

Use Valossa expertise to obtain custom recognition models that specialize recognition to your use case. Contact us for more info.

Sports and Activities

AI recognizes various sports and activities in scenes through visual tags. Detect specific events in selected sports, e.g. football.

Logos and Brands

Detect largest consumer brand logos and monitor brand mentions in speech.

Dominant Scene Colors

Color use sets the visual tone in videos. AI extracts dominant scene colors for every moment.

Advantages of Valossa Content AI Metadata.

Comprehensive Cognitive API

Valossa’s API launched in 2017 in NAB show and is continuously expanding with the help of thousands of online users.

Lowest Pricing

Valossa’s rich recognition features provide the best bang for your buck.

Flexible Deployment

Deployment options include use of intuitive Video AI reporting tools or integrating Cloud APIs, as well as on-prem.

Rich Audiovisial Recognition Engine

Valossa AI detects thousands of audiovisual concepts in various languages and provides actionable insights.

Leading Inappropriate Content Flagging

Automatic tagging of sensual, sexual, explicit, violence, weapons, substance use, accidents, bad language, and more.

Highest Accuracy

Valossa outperforms the competition with detection accuracy and comprehensiveness.

Superfast Analysis Speed

Valossa AI’s video processing speed is more than 3 times faster than leading cloud vendor.

Accurate Timestamps

In-and-out timestamps enables easy editing of flagged content.

See it in action, contact us for a trial.