The Video Recognition API Just Got Better

The new intelligence update gives the video recognition API new capabilities. We’ve recently made the Valossa Core API *beta more accurate and powerful than ever. The new features include the following upgrades:

1) Improved face recognition

The API uses Valossa’s upgraded face recognition technology that has been measured to reach 98% accuracy, outperforming human capabilities. The AI can also detect people who appear together in a shared setting.

2) Nudity detection

Now it’s possible to moderate, flag and filter adult content in videos with the new nudity detector. The AI labels scenes with two different levels: containing nudity or showing some skin. You can now make sure that the video content is appropriate for your use.

3) Celebrity identification

We’ve trained the video AI and now over 500 famous people can be identified from your video feeds. As a beta member you can request famous people that you want to detect and we will add the new identities to the gallery.

The Valossa Core API Beta membership gives you the access to the intelligent video recognition engine that detects detailed information related to people, visual entities and speech, creating descriptive metadata automatically.

*Beta program has ended, commercially available Valossa AI platform available here:

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