Advance your video applications with video intelligence analysis.
Extracting Context from Content.

Easily create applications that associate content with contextual semantics. Valossa AI is able to recognize people, visual concepts and objects, audio sounds, speech, video styles, on-screen text, spoken keywords and topics, as well as sentiment and emotions

Emotional analytics.

Profile videos for emotions and moods. Recognize sentiment and subtle emotions from facial expressions, voice audio and spoken language while also extracting key elements of speech and visual concepts.

Capture moments and objects instantly.

Identify key objects and activities from your video, quickly find the best segments from your content archive, and use metadata to repurpose and enrich your video assets.

Customizable AI recognises a wide variety of concepts and events, including faces, actions, events and context for video profiling and deep analysis.

Flexible customization and deployment.

Create your own custom face recognition models or contact us to customize the Valossa AI engine to maximize impact for your use case.

Deploy anywhere using our public API or via on-premise containers.

See it in action, contact us for a trial.