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Valossa is the leading UI-centric cognitive AI-provider to allow non-developers start using these services easily and with trial accounts to test the waters.

Analyze with Valossa Recognition™

The video understanding AI is available as a cloud-based video recognition API that can effectively highlight and interpret concepts from any video stream. It creates scene level, time-coded metadata, providing all the needed content data through a single ingest point.

How recognition works

Key advantages:

Explore with Video Insight Tools

Interactive report of videos

See a visual overview of what the AI has detected from the content. Examine the details and find what’s relevant in your videos.

Valossa Report visualizes recognition data on video insight platform
Deep content search allows you to discover details within videos on video insight platform

Search inside videos

Valossa AI goes through your video files and indexes every recognized person, object, scene and audio sound. Search and find everything inside your videos using natural language queries.

Tag and train

Give feedback to the AI and train customized face libraries quickly and easily.

Train specific concepts to the AI with an easy-to-use tool on video insight platfrom

Custom Services for Businesses

Custom training

Valossa provides custom model training for specific audiovisual tags. Ask quotes for new video categories, face identities, facial expressions, and audiovisual concepts.

Custom training fro video recognition on video insight platform
Real-time video recognition

Real-time video recognition

Interested in live recognition of people, demographic information, and visual concepts from video streams? Contact us for a demonstration.

Integration & on-premise licensing

Get support for integration and on-premise deployment. Contact us for more information regarding customized recognition capabilities, Video Insight Tools and languages.

Technical support for businesses

Ready to take video analysis to the next level?

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