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Interactive video reports, scene level indexing and advanced analytics tools.

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Interactive Reports

See an overview of what AI has detected from your content. Deep dive into detection results in a timeline to find out what is relevant in your videos.

Valossa Report visualizes recognition data on Valossa Portal AI tools
Deep content search allows you to discover details within videos on Valossa Portal

Scene Level Search

Search and find everything across and within videos using natural language queries. Valossa AI goes through your videos and indexes every recognized person, visual tag, audio sound and keyword.

Tag and Train Your Own Face Recognition

Tag unknown faces directly from the analyzed videos. Train customized face recognition galleries to ensure relevant persons in your videos are recognized.

Train preferred faces for the AI with an easy-to-use tool on Valossa Portal with Face Training Gallery AI tool
Emotion and Sentiment summaries on Valossa Report

Emotion & Sentiment Summaries

Find out overall sentiment of the content through speech and facial expressions. Inspect emotional trends of individual persons in your videos.

Inappropriate Content Summaries

Discover inapproriate content in your videos. AI highlights scenes including nudity, violence, substance use, accidents and bad language.

Inappropriate content summaries on Valossa Report
Speech-to-text summaries on Valossa Report

Speech-to-text Summaries and SRT and WebVTT File Download

Review AI generated speech transcript and get SRT and WebVTT files that can be used for example in subtitling.

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