Turnkey Machine Learning Services

Turnkey Machine Learning Services Bootstrap new cognitive capabilities with Valossa AI. Customized builds for object detection, tracking and indexing for smart video applications. Customer-specific recognition models are available, so the AI will recognize exactly the concepts relevant to you. Detect and track people, vehicles and machinery for mointoring. Recognize models, characteristics and behaviour for analytics.

Human Analytics For Retail

Human Analytics for Retail Valossa Live AI can track customer behavior in retail environments to determine which sections and items are most eye-catching. Customer emotions can be detected and analyzed for feedback purposes from faces.

Human Analytics For Automotive

Human Analytics for Automotive In order to make cars smarter on the passenger’s condition, and commuting more enjoyable, face analysis SDK recognition models can be used to monitor driver & passenger behavior, sentiments and direction of attention. https://vimeo.com/358049857

Content Profiling, Scene Indexing and Metadata

Content Profiling, Scene Indexing and Metadata Use our market-leading Video Recognition API in the cloud or Video Recognition Server on your premises to extract detailed, time-based scene metadata on appearing people, objects, sounds, speech keywords and transcripts and other video attributes. Valossa AI profiles video documents with contextual topics that can be used in targeted […]

Industrial AI Applications

Industrial AI Applications Detect machines and objects and automatically pull up specifications or fetch appropriate instructional videos from your library. Monitor vehicles, objects and robots and the AI will alert the user when attention is needed. Improve efficiency of logistics functions by monitoring inbound/outbound vehicle traffic and alerting of queues.

Facial Recognition & Emotion Analysis

Facial Recognition & Emotion Analysis Valossa AI is able to recognize sentiments and emotions from facial expressions and speech, either from recorded video content or live feed. Facial recognition picks out different individuals from video and creates a sentiment profile for each one. The user is able create their own face gallery or use an […]

Content Monitoring

Content Monitoring The most accurate content moderation solution with the widest coverage of concepts such as sensual and explicit nudity, sex, violence, accidents, substance use and bad language. Accurate timestamps of flagged content enables easy editing. Valossa AI™s operating speed is the fastest in the industry. Recognition models can also be tailored to your use […]

Automatic Video Preview

Automatic Video Preview Valossa AI is able to extract autopreviews from video content automatically. It analyses video information to identify content highlights based on action, important people, activities and emotional engagement. Use autopreview to automate creation of promos and previews for the video content. Increase productivity, promote and adapt your content to new platforms. https://vimeo.com/358047505 […]

LocalTapiola demonstrated their new health app powered by Valossa AI live face analysis

Photo by LocalTapiola.

PORI, FINLAND “  LocalTapiola demonstrated a vision-based health feature in SuomiAreena public debate forum on 18th July in Pori, Finland. The application, powered by Valossa AI face analysis engine, measures body mass index (BMI), blood pressure and percentage of fat from facial images taken with a smartphone camera application. The audience reacted with enthusiasm and tens […]

World™s First Live Game Show with an AI Judge – How We Did It

Valossa and Finnish public service broadcasting company Yle piloted the world’s first live game show judged by a cognitive artificial intelligence. Live Yle Areena streaming of the event happened on 6 July, at Lammen Loiskeet Festival, Kajaani, Finland. Who has the best poker face? An athlete, entrepreneur, editor-in-chief, astronomer, comedian and an MP of Finnish […]