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Valossa AI April Update Brings State-of-the-Art Face Recognition and Voice Arousal Beta

6 April, 2021

Our latest cloud system update is now live. Users who have active subscription can start enjoying new features immediately by logging in to Valossa Portal and analysing new videos. This release contains following features: More accurate face recognition engine! Over 5000 recognisable celebrities out of the box! A completely new state of the art face […]

Letting viewers to C More – How a Nordic Streaming Service uses Autopreview

C More webpage with Autopreview26 May, 2020

HELSINKI & OULU, FINLAND “ There is a full arms race for more dynamic and engaging video service experiences. C More Finland adopted state of the art video AI to serve their users better and make their content attractive to audiences at a glance. C More, a premium video content service from Finnish MTV Oy, […]

Valossa AI Powers Video Discovery Features for Media Pocket “ A Multi-Cloud Digital Asset Management Platform

Media Pocket and Valossa logos22 May, 2020

Finnish high-tech at its best: Media Tailor released new cutting-edge Artificial Intelligence features for their DAM system powered by advanced video analysis from Valossa. Helsinki, Finland “ 25th May 2020 Media Pocket is a smart digital asset management (DAM) platform, developed since 2018 and released in 2019. The developer, Media Tailor, is a local innovative media-tech company […]

Valossa Releases New Emotion Analytics Engine for Faces

Emotion Analytics12 September, 2019

New facial analysis models recognize eight states of expressions from the people in a video, plot trends of positivity and negativity, and add support for a broader set of face positions. OULU, FINLAND – A major upgrade was rolled out today for Valossa™s unique emotional analytics recognition model which produces much more elaborate data of […]

Live Face Analysis Toolkit

6 September, 2019

Live Face Analysis Toolkit Live face analysis toolkit detects expressions and face positions and orientations, and enables a reactive avatar (mascot, animal etc.) Next generation AI-powered and machine learning based applications for entertainment, expos, advertising, education etc.

Brand Monitoring

1 September, 2019

Brand Monitoring Valossa AI recognizes hundreds of brands and logos, with plenty more to come. Use this to monetize and extract value from your video content, and make sure your brand is visible where you want it to be. Brand monitoring can be applied to real-time stream monitoring. Contact us to make sure that brands […]

Sports Event Recognition

1 September, 2019

Sports Event Recognition Identify instant highlights from live stream and quickly find and share the best moments from your archive. Valossa AI recognises a wide variety of concepts and events within sports. It recognizes faces, player numbers, actions, events and context that is most relevant for you. Custom models tailored for your content are available. […]