Bootstrap New Cognitive Features
with Machine Learning Services

Let Valossa professionals train new recognition models and develop algorithms for your specific use cases

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Machine Learning Services for Custom Model Building

Custom training

Valossa provides custom model training for specific audiovisual tags. Ask quotes for new video categories, face identities, facial expressions, and audiovisual concepts.

Custom training fro video recognition on video insight platform
Real-time video recognition

Real-time video recognition

Valossa offers application development service for real-time video recognition use cases. We have customized solutions for example to live TV broadcast and smart space environments. Contact us for more details.

Integration & on-premise deployment

Get support for integration and on-premise deployment with our customized Video Recognition Server. Contact us for more information regarding your special recognition needs, custom software setups and full AI system build-ups.

Technical support for businesses

Let us solve your machine learning challenges for images and video

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