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Live Camera AI on Security Forces
Use Live AI to mix Reality

Human Analytics for Edge and On-device Computing

Live camera AI for face recognition and analysis SDK

Human Recognition and Tracking

Currently Supported Baseline SDK Features

  • Tracks and remembers unknown people for a limited time
  • Recognizes known faces
  • Trainable new identities
  • Measures face pose, direction, and distance
  • Collects gender
Emotion Analytics with Live AI

Facial Behavior Analytics

  • Recognizes and collects smiling, sadness, disgust, surprise, anger, fear, neutral
  • Analyzes emotional valence trends
  • Records prominent head directions
  • Heart rate from the face
Automotive Spatial Recognition with Live AI

Human Spatial Analysis

  • Recognizes human positions for interactive applications
  • Example demonstrations available:
    • Passenger recognition and analytics
    • Interactive Kitten AI
Focus Tracking with Live AI

Object In-focus Recognition

  • Example demonstrations available for live camera scene object recognition

Custom training

Valossa provides custom model training for specific audiovisual tags. Ask quotes for new video categories, face identities, facial expressions, and audiovisual concepts.

Valossa Video Insight Platform
Real-Time Video Recognition

Real-time video recognition

Interested in live recognition of people, demographic information, and visual concepts from video streams? Contact us for a demonstration.

Integration & on-premise licensing

Get support for integration and on-premise deployment. Ask us for more information regarding customized recognition capabilities, Video Insight Tools and languages.

Integration & on-premise licensing

Let’s talk about your use cases and our solutions.

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