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Industrial Sector

Live AI Appliances for Industrial & Manufacturing Environments

Human Activity Recognition

Use AI to improve maintenance and personnel functions.

Detect machines and objects and automatically pull up specifications or fetch appropriate instructional videos from your library.

Monitor vehicles, objects and robots and the AI will alert you when attention is needed.

The AI can make logistics functions more efficient by monitoring inbound/outbound vehicle traffic and alerting if truck queues are forming.

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Object Detection and Turnkey Services

Tailored AI solutions for your workflow.

Customized object detection & tracking for smart environments.

Customer-specific recognition models are available, so the AI will recognize exactly the concepts relevant to you (such as anomalies in products).

Visual Searching

Use Valossa Video Insights Platform to create content-based visual index of your industrial video recordings.

Search efficiently with visual examples to find the videos similar to example pictures. You can e.g. find videos that contain machinery that you point with your portable device.

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