Face Analysis Toolkit

Face analysis Toolkit enables on-device
interactive applications and live analytics

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Behavior Analysis for Edge and On-device Computing

Live camera AI for face recognition, analysis and interactive applications

faces valossa ai recognition

Baseline Toolkit Features

  • Tracks and remembers unknown people for a limited time
  • Recognizes known faces
  • Trainable new identities
  • Measures face pose, direction, and distance
  • Collects gender
valossa ai face emotion

Facial Behavior Analytics

  • Recognizes and collects smiling, sadness, disgust, surprise, anger, fear, neutral
  • Analyzes emotional valence trends
  • Records prominent head and gaze directions
  • Heart rate from the face
ai car intelligence demo

Human Spatial Analysis

  • Follows human positions for interactive applications
  • Example demonstrations available:
    • Driver recognition and analytics
    • Interactive avatar applications
valossa ai heatmap

Object In-focus Recognition

  • Detects and recognizes objects in scene
  • Tracks human interactions with objects
  • Example demonstrations available for live camera scene object recognition

Face Analysis Toolkit Availability


GPU accelerated x86


NVidia Jetson Family


Adaptable to ML

accelerated devices

Demonstrations of Interactive Applications with Face Analysis Toolkit

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