Apr 15, 2016

Valossa Showcases The Power of Val.ai A Voice-Controlled, Real-Time AI Recognition Platform at NAB

Valossa With EchoStreams and Orange Silicon Valley  Use Artificial Intelligence To Identify Objects In 25 Concurrent HD Streams

April 15, 2016 – NAB 2016 Booth #SL12109, South Hall Lower Level of the Las Vegas Convention Center Valossa™ (Oulu, Finland) – a pioneer in AI-based real-time video identification technology – today announced it will be showing the power of its unique Artificial Intelligence platform to identify objects in real-time across more than 25 simultaneous HD video streams. A separate demo will also showcase real-time identification of people and other detailed concepts using Valossa’s Val.ai platform.

Orange® Silicon Valley (OSV), an innovation subsidiary of global telecommunications operator Orange, will be using Valossa‘s AI platform in tandem with EchoStreams™ (City of Industry, CA) storage technology and Exascale supercomputing platform to achieve this never-before-accomplished real-time benchmark.

To meet the challenge of multi-stream, real-time video identification for HD, OSV (in collaboration with EchoStreams and Cocolink), created an optimized-for-video supercomputer utilizing 16 state-of-the-art NVIDIA® GPUs exceeding 48,000 CUDA cores in a single 4U server. Coupled with a high-speed 1U NVMe Storage Server capable of transmitting data at 200 Gbps, this platform is capable of running Valossa’s Val.ai platform at unmatched speeds and throughput.

Valossa’s Val.ai is based on years of research at the world-renowned computer vision and AI labs of the University of Oulu and is uniquely capable of analyzing movies and streaming videos in real-time to identify thousands of concepts (e.g. places, objects and unique topics) from any video stream. Designed for service and content providers, Val.ai can reach down into their video content, identify it and make it searchable in real-time.

Val.ai enables identification of scene-specific entities, topic patterns and people that provides unique monetization opportunities, ranging from content asset management and highly targeted video-related advertising to building up next-generation personalized, relevant content discovery and delivery services. Unlike existing video AI platforms that emphasize visual analysis, Val.ai expands upon the variety of information sources, including the recognized semantics of raw video data, providing the most holistic, multi-modal video analysis solution on the market today.

Valossa uses the most cutting-edge computer vision, machine learning and NLP (Natural Language Processing) to obtain this Deep Content Metadata from several modalities, including analyzing each video frame as well as automatic multilingual keyword extraction from existing metadata and speech transcripts. This produces holistic video content descriptions at the scene level as well as descriptive keyword annotation for video overviews.

“We are excited to collaborate with Valossa and OSV to bring high-performance server and storage platforms, which are normally only available in supercomputing data centers, to the media and entertainment industries,” said Andy Lee, EchoStreams Director of Product Marketing. “By harnessing HPC computing power with Valossa’s AI, this demonstration is truly a breakthrough implementation of Artificial Intelligence in real world applications for the media and broadcast markets.”
About EchoStreams:

EchoStreams Innovative Solutions LLC is a US based white-box OEM/ODM solution platforms provider, committed to turn creative ideas into purpose-built innovative and disruptive solutions. EchoStreams partners with technology leaders and solution integrators to offer purpose-built solutions to companies who are supporting the world’s IT Infrastructures. EchoStreams’ solution platforms can be procured on and OEM’ed through qualified integrators and value-add distributors listed on our website www.echostreams.com.

About Valossa:

Valossa Labs Oy is a new Finnish startup that includes a development team of Ph.D.’s, graduate students and M.Sc.’s from the University of Oulu in Finland, specializing in NLP, AI and video search algorithms.  The company has raised a $650k seed round and is seeking business partnerships and additional investors as it launches its Val.ai technology platform for commercial use. Details at www.valossa.com and @valossainc.