Jun 18, 2016

The Search Guide for Whatismymovie.com

Did you forget the name of a movie title? Do want to know more about a particular film? Would you like to find something to watch tonight?

Valossa has built the “Shazam for movies”: Whatismymovie.com  search engine where you can search and find films to watch. The engine allows you to describe any aspect of the movie content you are searching for and then finds the best matching results based on the queries.

Here we will share some tips and examples on how to use Whatismymovie.com so that you would have the best tools to discover the movie titles you are looking for.


Describe the movie

Whatismymovie.com understands even the most complex text or voice queries. You can freely describe the specific movie or type of movie that you want to find. Try for example:

  • find movies with Sean Connery in red pants
  • show me scifi movies about space battles and laser guns
  • what movies has Clint Eastwood protecting the president?
  • comedies in Hawaii
  • non-violent princess movies
  • romantic comedy movies involving career issues and family


The Pianist


Find top ranked movies

When you want to see the highest ranked and most popular films you can say or type “the best” and the engine gives you results in the highest ranking order. For example:

  • the best movies about the second World War
  • the best Western movies
  • the best movies starring Leonardo DiCaprio


Find the newest movies

The engine allows you to list the results based on the release date. When you want to see the latest releases you can search for example:

  • the latest Hunger Games movie
  • the newest movies by Quentin Tarantino


Search by year

Try for example:

  • non-violent fantasy films from 1930s
  • 1984 Arnold Schwarzenegger movies


Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark


Actor & director based search:

You can discover films based on the director or actors.  You can search for instance like this:

  • films directed by Peter Jackson
  • gangster movies directed by Francis Ford Coppola starring Al Pacino
  • adventure movies from the 80s with Harrison Ford


Movie quotes

When you remember the greatest quote from a film, you can also find the film’s title. Search by typing exact movie quotes using quotations marks:

  • “may the force be with you”




Refining your query

Whatismymovie.com can also easily identify conditional and chained text and voice commands. An example of this would be:

  • Query 1: Find me epic history movies

Continue by inserting another query to filter the results:

  • Query 2: Only the ones with large battles

You may also exclude things you don’t want to see by searching for instance:

  • the best movies without samurai or gangsters
  • science fiction without robots
  • family movies with dogs, no animation


Whatismymovie.com similar movies

 Similar movies

When you find a movie that you like, it is possible to discover films similar to that one. You can just click the title and see recommendations below the description or click the “More like this” button in the right hand corner on the result page.


Whatismymovie.com is powered by Valossa Artificial Intelligence that understands the contents of video files itself. Ranging from text to pattern recognition, we reach down into data that has not been searchable in the past. We have recently tripled the amount of movies in our database and now you can find what to watch out of 130,000+ films. Currently the search is available in English. Our video AI is constantly developing in order to find the best results to your queries.