Feb 23, 2017

The New Capabilities of The Valossa Core API

The video recognition API is reaching a new level of performance, as we will upgrade several new features. By signing up for the beta, you can test the improved API free of charge: val.ai/apply.

1. Immense improvements in visual recognition

Valossa visual recognition

The video AI can soon detect a video’s visual context, such as objects, places, styles and activities, with much higher confidence and detail than before. The visual detection vocabulary has been multiplied, which enables more detailed descriptions of what appears in the video.

2. Video categorization – IAB taxonomy

Video categorization - IAB taxonomy

The new categorization feature is a great way to describe and classify your video inventory. Your content will be categorized according to the standardized IAB taxonomy. This taxonomy defines 24 contextual content categories that help you to serve the right content and ads to the right people.

3. Metadata format gets a major upgrade

Metadata format

The metadata JSON output format in the Beta Core API will be greatly improved. The upgrade includes a cleaner, unified and extensible logic for expressing concept detections, groupings of concept detections, and time-based segmentations of the content.




Meet us at the Mobile World Congress 2017 in Barcelona

Mobile Wold Congress 2017

Valossa will be at MWC 2017 in Barcelona where we can personally show you how to utilize the video recognition API. If you are in Barcelona during the Mobile World Congress, our team would like to meet with you. Send us a message at info@valossa.com and we’ll meet you at a time and a place that works best for you.