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Access the deeper levels of
video content

By utilizing the latest advancements in deep neural networks, pattern recognition, natural language processing and information retrieval techniques, Valossa AI detects and interprets everything that is seen and heard in videos. Valossa AI exposes the intelligence of video assets to enable more efficient content management. 


People dominate videos and recognizing the way people express themselves gives you valuable information. Valossa AI helps extract the true meaning and intentions of the most important targets in your digital content.

Audiovisual Context

Valossa AI detects and highlights visual and auditory concepts that are conveyed through structures and patterns. Sounds and visual information that are easily recognizable for humans are now also understood by computers.


Speech is one of the most critical information sources for understanding visual data. By identifying key elements in speech, Valossa AI builds contextuality at the highest level of semantics.

Explicit content

You can moderate, flag and filter adult content in videos with the explicit content detector. The AI labels scenes containing nudity and profanity. You can now make sure that the video content is appropriate for your use.

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