Jun 27, 2016

“Alexa, ask Movie Finder…”

Amazon Echo
Now it’s here! Valossa has released a brand new Alexa skill: the Movie Finder!
Movie Finder helps you to find films and movie information by freely describing any aspect of them. The new skill is built on top of the best descriptive movie search engine, whatismymovie.com.


Valossa Movie Search


The virtual assistant Alexa and all her skills can be used with Amazon devices like Fire TV and our own favorite EchoEcho is a smart speaker  that controls your connected home by voice commands. See all the Alexa-compatible devices here. 

Alexa can be taught new skills, making the assistant helpful in all situations. Valossa took the task to create the Movie Finder skill that is designed to help you find the names of movies you forgot or simply just discover films to watch. Enable the Movie Finder skill here.


This is how you talk with Alexa:

After enabling the Movie Finder you can launch the skill by saying “Alexa, ask Movie Finder” and describing freely any aspect of the film you remember.


Movie Finder Query


Movie Finder returns you the best matching results automatically in a numeric order. After each search you can ask Movie Finder to tell you more information about the result.


Movie Finder Query


Alexa also understands chained commands which allows you to refine the first query. You can filter the results by saying “only the ones with” and your refinement query.


Movie Finder Query


Movie Finder returns you three best results by default but you can get more results by asking Alexa to simply telling her to “show more” or “more results”.




If you want to get recommendations based on the search results, say: “find me more movies like number 1/2/3″. Movie Finder will then give you more movie suggestions similar to the ones that are returned automatically.


Movie Finder Query


If you don’t yet have any Amazon device that is powered by Alexa, no worries! Just go and find movies on whatismymovie.com!